Alissa Breindel of Austin - Common Mistakes Novice Hikers Make

When she is taking a break from helping students in Austin, Texas prepare for their SAT exams, Alissa Breindel Austin likes to spend her time walking and hiking. Those who are new to hiking often misunderstand the things that they need to do in order to stay safe and enjoy the activity and she points out the following mistakes that novices should aim to avoid.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Wearing The Wrong Clothes

You cannot head out on anything but the most basic of hikes in jeans and a pair of sneakers. Hikes will often present you with challenging terrain and varying weather conditions, so it is important to wear clothing that is both comfortable and practical. Good walking boots are a must, as are waterproof items of clothing and comfortable pants.

Not Researching The Trail

Before you head out on a hike, it is important that you research the route that you are preparing to take. Hiking with little idea of where you’re going is a surefire way to get yourself lost, so make sure you check out a map and highlight any landmarks that will help should you end up losing your way. Bring the map with you for reference during the hike.

Not Informing Others

If you are determined to hike alone, Alissa Breindel, of Austin, Texas, recommends that you inform a number of people about where you plan to go. Those who don’t run the risk of having nobody back home who knows where they are, which can be a major issue if you run into trouble during the hike.

Alissa Breindel of Austin - Preparing On The Morning Of An Exam

As part of her work with Strategic SAT Prep in Austin, Texas, Alissa Breindel offers advice on the preparations that students must make for their exams, both in terms of their studies and emotional wellbeing. The morning before an exam offers you the chance to put yourself in a good state of mind for the test, so make sure to follow all of these tips so that you can focus on the job at hand.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Prepare Everything You Need Beforehand

If you spend your morning running around and trying to find the equipment you need for the SAT, you will just end up putting yourself in a stressed mindset before your pen ever hits the paper. Make sure you have everything that you need the night before the exam and double-check your bag before you go to bed.

Eat A Good Breakfast

Taking the time to eat a good breakfast will set you up for the day and ensure that you have the energy that you need to make it through particularly long exams. This can often be difficult for those who don’t consider themselves to be breakfast people, but you will be glad that you have food in your stomach as the exam starts to drain your energy.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Alissa Breindel, who is a professional teacher in Austin, Texas, points out that students should give themselves plenty of time to prepare during the morning before an exam. Make sure that you leave earlier than you need to, so you guarantee that you arrive to the exam on time.

Alissa Breindel of Austin - Tips For Keeping Students Engaged

As an experienced professional teacher in Austin, Texas, Alissa Breindel understands that keeping students engaged during the course of a lesson is one of the most difficult challenges that a teacher will face. Thankfully, there are a number of techniques that you can use to ensure you keep the attention of the class, including all of the following.

Alissa Breindel Austin


By holding students accountable for their learning experience, you will encourage them to keep paying attention throughout the course of the lesson. Make use of assessments and questions throughout the lesson to ensure students are paying attention. Try to find ways to link attendance and participation to grades or a point-based system to further motivate your students.

Multiple Teaching Methods

All teachers have their preferred style of lesson delivery, but it is important to recognize that many of your students will prefer another form of learning. As such, you need to incorporate multiple styles of teaching into your classes, catering for visual, practical and theoretical learners equally so that every student enjoys a good classroom experience.

Real Life Experiences

Alissa Breindel Austin has found that many of the students that she teaches in Austin, Texas struggle to maintain their focus during lessons if they can see no real-life application for the things they are learning. As such, you should make an effort to apply everything that you teach to a real-life scenario. This can be done during the lesson and by creating assignments that are linked to current or future activities that your student might engage in.

Alissa Breindel of Austin - Traits You Need To Be A Teacher

As both the owner of Strategic SAT Prep and a professional teacher, Alissa Breindel has had the privilege of meeting a number of fellow teachers while working in Austin. She notes that good teachers tend to share a number of common personality traits, some of which are listed below.

Alissa Breindel Austin

  • Passion

First and foremost, the best teachers all have a passion for what they do and consider teaching to be their calling. This passion allows them to dedicate their efforts towards constantly improving their lesson plans and working with students so that they can achieve at a higher level.

  • Adaptability

Teachers must understand that they will need to be able to adapt their lesson plans as needed, particularly if they are teaching a class of students that doesn’t respond well to certain teaching methods. Being able to teach the same lesson in a variety of ways allows a good teacher to be flexible.

  • Patience

Not all students are going to be able to pick up the subject matter at the same pace, so a teacher needs to be able to exercise patience and understand the areas that need to be focused on to ensure struggling students get the help that they need.

  • A Thirst For Knowledge

Alissa Breindel points out that a teacher who is happy to rest on their laurels will often not provide the best service to their students. She aims to constantly improve her knowledge so that she can deliver even better lessons to students in Austin.

Alissa Breindel Austin - Ace the SAT with These Tips

The annual SAT exam sends thousands of high school students every year into panic. As the single most important standardized exam that they will take during the course of their education, it is essential they enter into the test prepared. Alissa Breindel Austin, the owner of and teacher at Strategic SAT Prep can help students overcome their anxiety about taking the test. To help you reach your goal, here are a few tips to consider.

Alissa Breindel Austin

When it comes to the math portion of the test, you have to understand how it is configured. It is divided into three parts with the problems transitioning from an easy beginning to a medium middle section, to a difficult end. You are also deducted a quarter of a point for every wrong answer. Keeping this in mind, you don’t necessarily have to finish the entire math portion of the exam. If you can do decidedly well on the beginning and middle portions you can still reach your goal score.

The critical reading and writing portion of the exam can be just as easily defeated with the proper preparation. When you enter the critical reading section, don’t spend too much time intently reading the passage. Instead, skim through the paragraph first and then carefully read through the questions. When it comes to the writing section, the best thing you can do to prepare is to practice writing essays that you can find on practice tests.

For more help in preparing for the SAT, you may want to consider signing up for prep courses that are offered by a number of businesses like Strategic SAT Prep, owned by Alissa Breindel in Austin, Texas.

Alissa Breindel Austin - Why the SAT’s Matter

The SAT exam was created by the College Board to bring access to higher education to all high school students. For more than 80-years, the SAT exam has been an integral part of high school students’ college aspirations. For those students looking to get into a prestigious college or university, being fully prepared for the SAT exam is essential as it provides an objective measure for evaluating their college readiness. Alissa Breindel of Austin has been helping students prepare for the SAT exam through courses she offers at her company Strategic SAT Prep. So why are SAT scores so important when it comes to college admission?

Alissa Breindel Austin

First and foremost, the SAT exam gives students the opportunity to show their potential colleges that they are ready to tackle the harder curriculum of higher education. By utilizing the test scores of applicants, colleges are provided a benchmark that neutralizes the risk of grade inflation in high schools. The test also provides the students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in school and to use that knowledge to solve problems, a key skill needed to succeed in college. Not all education is created equal. The SAT exam places all students on equal footing to demonstrate their skill levels.

Finally, the majority of colleges and universities still use the SAT scores of applicants to determine who will gain admission into their school. Even those schools that have a “test optional” admission process, still consider the SAT scores when students submit them. This means that in order to be accepted into most colleges, you have to take the SAT exam, so be sure to be prepared and take advantage of SAT Prep courses like the ones offered at Alissa Breindel’s, Strategic SAT Prep in Austin, Texas.

Alissa Breindel Austin - Do SAT Prep Classes Help?

SAT prep classes can be expensive, but as colleges become more competitive, it is important to make sure your child enters the SAT exam well prepared. For those that are on the fence about whether or not signing their student up for a SAT prep course will make a difference on their final score, take into consideration that Alissa Breindel of Austin, Texas owns Strategic SAT Prep and has seen her students’ scores improve by 150+ points after working with her and her other classroom-experienced teachers.

                              Alissa Breindel Austin

SAT prep courses are meant to help students improve their test-taking skills and to help fill in some education gaps. They take the time to work with students and provide them with a setting where they have to be accountable for their own success. For parents, signing your child up for SAT prep courses can be a tough decision to make. Here are some signs you may want to pay for SAT prep courses.

•    Your child cares about their score, but may not have the self-motivation to study for the test on their own.

•    Your child gets nervous when it comes to taking tests.

•    Your child is struggling with core concepts.

•    Your child is having trouble finishing the practice tests within the time limit.

As with anything, your child will get out of the prep courses what they put into it. If your child is determined to do their best, prep courses like those offered by Alissa Breindel Austin, can help them improve their overall score.

Alissa Breindel Austin - Preparing for the SAT: Tips for Success

The SAT plays a significant role in the college application process for thousands of high school students across the United States. Comprised of three sections; writing, critical reading, and math, the 170-question behemoth tends to strike fear into the hearts of many students. To help lessen the stress of taking the test, many students seek out help in the form of SAT prep courses like those taught by Alissa Breindel, a resident of Austin, Texas. Her company Strategic SAT Prep helps students overcome their anxiety about taking the test and offers this advice.

Alissa Breindel Austin
If you are an avid reader, the SAT’s writing section of the test should be fairly simple as it directly tests a student's vocabulary in the sentence completion section. To fully prepare to excel in this section, students should be well read and excited to look up any words they may not know. Brushing up on your reading list can be a huge benefit when it comes time to take the test.
One thing that can trip a student up when taking the SAT is not reading each question carefully. It is important to get used to slowing down and reading each question thoroughly before setting down to work. When it comes to answering questions in the math section of the test, it is also important to show all your work, even if you feel the question is simple.

Finally, it is also important to make sure your body is just as prepared as your mind. As the SAT can last approximately five hours, it is important that you have the stamina to make it to the end. In the weeks leading up to the test, make sure you take the time to get some fresh air and a chance to clear your mind. If you feel you need assistance in preparing for the SAT, you should contact a company that helps students prep for the SAT, like Austin resident Alissa Breindel Austin , owner of Strategic SAT Prep.

Study Strategies - Space it Out

If you are having trouble doing well on tests even when you are studying hard, the problem isn’t you, it is your strategy. One thing that is important to remember is that no matter what you think, you are capable of acing a test. Once you understand this, you need to find the right study strategy that helps you retain information for the longest.

A common mistake many students make when studying is trying to cram in too much information in too short an amount of time. This usually leads to a loss of information retention. That is why one of the best new techniques for studying involves what is called spaced repetition. This strategy involves breaking up all the information you need to know into smaller, more easily digestible chunks.

The spaced repetition strategy is a studying technique designed to make it easier to remember things. By breaking information into smaller packets and learning them over a period of time, you are likely to remember it better. For example, memorizing the entire Periodic Table of Elements in a few days’ time would be quite difficult. However, learning all the noble gases on the table would take no time at all. By breaking up the information and learning it piece by piece over time, it makes it easier to remember the entire table.

Alissa Breindel of Austin is a teacher from Strategic SAT Prep who specializes in improving student performance on the SAT and ACT.

Test Hacks - Stay Relaxed and Confident

If you want to ace the next test you take, it is all about how you approach it. Studying furiously may seem like a good strategy for a test, but often it just leaves you feeling drained and sluggish come test time. This sluggishness will often exacerbate other things like stress and your lack of confidence. That is why if you want to do well on a test, it is important to stay relaxed and be confident in yourself and your abilities.

Pushing yourself to the edge when studying is often a result of poor confidence and nerves. Unfortunately this “study strategy” causes people to over prepare and fry their brains right before the test. This is similar to athletes overtraining before an event, which can make them worn out and actually perform worse come the big game.

When taking a test, confidence is key. You need to be in your own element and comfortable for your brain to operate optimally. Calm and collected decision-making is usually the most accurate, and also the easiest. If you find yourself stressing about the test, try focusing on something else before the exam. Think about things that make you happy or remind yourself that doing poorly on the test would not be the end of the world. If you are calm and confident, you are likely to perform at your best. So take a deep breath and relax.

Alissa Breindel of Austin is a teacher from Strategic SAT Prep who specializes in improving student performance on the SAT and ACT.

Doing Better on the Test - Don’t Panic

You’ve been there before: sitting in class, palms sweating as you await the teacher to hand out the test. You studied for hours, but the material was hard and you didn’t get a lot of sleep, and you simply don’t feel prepared. Worse yet, you need a decent grade on this test, otherwise you may have to take the class again during the summer. Well believe it or not, your performance on a test like this can be influenced strongly just by the stress of taking the test itself!

Alissa Breindel Austin

That’s right, we usually aren’t at the height of our decision-making prowess when we are highly stressed. Highly stressful situations usually impair a student’s brain functions. This means that the stressed student is likely to do worse on the test than the calm and collected student, even if they both studied the same amount and know the same amount of information.

The key to performing better on tests, is to not be anxious or stressed out. Just remind yourself when you are taking the test that it is only a piece of paper. Your future will be determined by you, not by the grade you get in a class or the score you receive on a test. By being confident and believing in your own abilities, you stand a better chance of performing well on a test.

Alissa Breindel Austin is a teacher from Strategic SAT Prep who specializes in improving student performance on the SAT and ACT.

Alissa Breindel Austin - Origins of Education

Humans have been mass educating the population since ancient times, training youth and adults to accrue necessary knowledge and skills that are valuable to society. Even before societies were literate, teaching was done through orations, storytelling, and imitation.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Storytelling was one of the first methods of instruction, one that was used to pass down knowledge and values, skills and life experiences to the next generation. It is through this style of education that societies developed a sense of culture, a belief system, and a unified goal or direction. Later on, formal education would develop once a culture’s knowledge base surpassed what was possible to teach only through oration and imitation. One of the first known schools was erected in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Greece is another society that made great leaps in formal education. For instance, Plato, a famous philosopher, founded the Academy in Athens. This became the first college established in Europe. Similarly, in 330 BCE, the city of Alexandria in Egypt established places of learning as well, carrying on the traditions set down by ancient Greece. It was in Alexandria, a city of enlightenment established by Alexander the Great, where famous scientists, like Euclid and Herophilus, could contribute their collective knowledge to society. These two scientists even helped construct the Library of Alexandria, a monument to intellect and learning. The city of Alexandria would remain a beacon of intellectual knowledge and a sanctuary for scholars until the fall of the Roman Empire.

Alissa Breindel of Austin is a professional teacher who is interested in the origins of education.